Buttered Bruises

While she cries and sheds her tears,
she makes no mistake
as to why she’s even
battered and bruised.

But she is willing to move on
in an instance notice,
forgiving the iron fist
that gave her those busted lips
and black & blue eyes.

She remembers
the pain smearing her body
like that beloved lipstick she wears
as a reminder of his love.

She hugs herself
and cries and sheds her tears,
the constant memory of the abuse
burning her delicate skin
but even in her eye-opening reflection,
she knows only one thing
and it is that she misses him.

She wants him back
‘cause it was just a mistake
that she didn’t do right by him.

Of course,
she thinks he’s right when he told her
“she was a good for nothing trash bag”
and since she doesn’t know any better
she accepts herself
the way he sees her.

She’ll run back to him
no matter what she thinks or feels
‘cause in the end it’s all she knows
and she’s willing to do
whatever his heart desires,
no matter how badly he mistreats her.

Tortured Love: A Lover’s Tale

It was bad right from the start,
she hung in there for her kids’ sake; she stayed
no matter how many times
he laid his hands on her.

Even when she thought
she was about to die,
she still stayed put
and remained a faithful wife.

Only to be beaten down
at the end of the day,
behind lock and key,
when his anger flared out of control
and his boyhood told him he was a man.

She’s afraid to leave him,
she does not want to raise the kids on her own.
She swears that he is all she’s got
even as she lays sprawled out on the floor
from the wrath of his twitching hands.

Her friends and family
always tried to intervene
but he would stand in the way,
slithering his way around,
dodging bullets,
swearing off lies,
showering her with gifts and flowers
… his clever technique
of control and manipulation.

All in favor of showing
anyone who stands in the way that
he was a loving and caring husband
who loved and adored his faithful wife.

The disturbing thing is:
she is his biggest fan
no matter how many
hospital visits she makes
or how many times her kids
see her bleed.