Wounded in the Middle

Emotionally abused
by the voices
shoving blame in his head,
telling him
he is the reason
why his parents
are getting divorced.

He is stranded
in the middle
of a bitterness battle;
caught in the crossfire
of their problems,
watching sadly,
grieving silently

as they grow
further and further apart,
throwing hurtful words and insults
into an already blazing fire
and it wounds him deeply
with the guilt of
a broken home destroyed
by his beloved mom & dad.

14 thoughts on “Wounded in the Middle

  1. It’s a very sad tail that is all so typical of modem life. Shame that people rush into wedlock so quickly these days


  2. Sad, but, oh, so true. Any child listening to his parents’ arguments feels like a human ping pong ball, for he/she loves them both.


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