My Brother’s Tragedy

My brother has death marked in his eyes.
His whole aura has changed.
He has all but given up on life.
Whether he lives or dies,
he does not care anymore.
He has reached
the point of no return.

His depression is real deep.
Thoughts of suicide somersaults
in his head like a plague.
Death might be his only release
if intervention doesn’t happen now.

What he’s going through is tearing him apart.
He does not feel loved or cared for;
he feels alone, empty, lost, broken, sad, unhappy.
His journey, his purpose in life abandoned.

16 thoughts on “My Brother’s Tragedy

    1. Hi, I hope you are in better, happier spirits now. Hope you are surrounded with wonderful people that loves and uplifts you. If you need to talk or ask any questions, I am here to listen and help.


    1. Yes, I agree. I love my brother very much. He seems to be doing better and my goal is to let my actions (show him how much) reflect what I feel so much more.


  1. My brother was in a similar situation and still sometimes gets lapses. It is a long, difficult, and oftentimes frustrating journey to come back from depression. It’s very important for your brother to have you, your family’s and his friends’ support along the way. I hope you continue to stand by him and I hope he finds the strength to overcome what he needs to overcome.


    1. Glad your brother is doing well. Happy to hear about his positive turnaround. Thank you for your concern and encouragement.


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