Rooting for Success

My ambition bites hard.
I’m ready to make it official.

About to roll up my sleeves
and work quality hard
for my educational success.

I’m hungry for a lifetime change;
thirsty for a college degree title.

Stretching for the gratification
this accomplishment will bring;
a relief, a ton of excitement

my procrastination ends here

Rock Bottom Reality

I know what it’s like
to hit rock bottom;
I have been there before.
It is not an easy road to digest.

One day, not too long ago…
I cried…day and night for some relief,
relief that did not come
in my moments of frustration

but came right after I stopped
kicking and screaming
over things I could not control.

In my harsh dose of reality
God took over
and became my stronger tower;
my solid rock on which I stand.

Her Mind Is Made Up

Like lava from a volcano,
her tears roll down
her cheeks in a ball of rage.

She cries her weeping hollow soul
to shreds and bits and pieces

for in her mind,
her future shows a cloudy vision
and her faith and trust deteriorates
by the grueling minute.

She strongly tries to envision
what it would be like
if she actually followed through
on her behalf of gaining
back by her self-respect.

She has finally realized,
after all these years,
that her worth as a woman
is not measured
by the amount of love
her lover fails to give
or the little he filters through.

Once she walks away
from her love story,
she will never look back.

Tears of Blood

There’s a scared little girl
stuck inside this woman
who’s mistakes and misconceptions
erupted like a volcano
b/c of her addiction to her sin.

It’s time that she let go of
that disastrous game she loves to play
and seize to live life right
like she should have done from the beginning.

Her heart cries bloody tears
rushing from her veins,
silently screaming out her pain
b/c her heart feels broken down and greedily torn.

Her weeping hollow soul
mourns her lost treasure,
She must accept
the consequences of her mistakes
And own up to her actions
and her selfish ways.

No matter how much
she cries and fears,
Her life is about to come
to a tragic end
And the lives of the ones she loves
will detonate like a home-made time bomb.

She cannot say too much
And has to say just the right words
To keep hope alive and her spirits well
For only God can save her now.

It’s true about the signs
she didn’t want to pay attention to
And it’s true about the voices
she pretended was not there to warn her.

She knows
she has already done enough damage.
And she knows
there’s a pack of wolves on her hot trail;
ready to wipe her slate clean.

This is her last chance to a good life
b/c deep down she knows her time is near.

Tainted Love

He wanted
an honest relationship

but he did not know
how to love her, himself
…or anyone for that matter

so he shoved
his misconceptions
down her throat
by the spoonful

forcing her to swallow
his tainted, narrow worldview
on how to love him

more (or less)


A girl with a plan
to succeed in life,
got dragged in the woods
by unwashed,
unforgettable hands.

Her legs ripped open;
into darkness
no amount of light
can ever touch again.

Left alone
…to live?
…to die?
for she will never
be the same again

clothes torn,
covered in dirt and shame,
etched in the ground
as if she was painted
in that very spot.

She cried and wept
curled up in a ball;
her heart-felt like
it was weighted down
by a wall.

Laying there
as if bewitched,
she will not forget
the day
her body got tarnished.

She will not sleep
another peaceful night.
Whenever she closes her eyes,
her nightmare is relived.

Life is Too Short

Life is too short
for us to bicker and bark
up every tree we climb.

Sometimes we never look back
at the little things
like love, happiness, joy
that keep things in tic-tac-toe.
We take for granted
those simple things
that can neither be bought or sold.

to recognize and appreciate
the blessings right before our
ungrateful, judgmental eyes
a tough lesson to learn

We are always
looking back,

“if only we could change back the hands of time”
we would.
To change
the things
we don’t like

and become
the perfection
we’d love to be.


Motherhood is a challenge,
I cannot lie one bit
About just how difficult
it is to raise kids.

I am not afraid to admit
That it is both rewarding
and nerve wrecking
at the same time.

Some people say
the rewards doesn’t come
until kids get older
but the reward is already here.

My kids are amazing human beings
and I am a better person
because of the unconditional love

they give and show me
no matter
how dysfunctional things are.

Layers Of Love


The blistering burn
that aches and aches.

Craving slight touches.
Whispering sweet words in ears.
Random kisses.
Hugs in abundance.
Regular phone calls.
Spontaneous texts.
Honest conversations.
Sweet sensations on and off the court.
Short hand-written notes
or long love letters.

Sincere appreciation.
Acceptance without question.
Showing understanding.
Giving simple gifts.
The spectacular sound of laughter.
Holding tingling hands,
fingers entwined.
Cuddling in bed.
Just the sound of rushed heartbeats.
Lost in each other’s eyes.

At My Wits End

I have done
all that I can do for you
and yet still
I do is ever enough;

you are never satisfied
no matter how much
I go out of my way
to try to please you,
you ungrateful leech.

I know I’m at my wit’s end…
when my anger gets the best of me.
When just the mention
of your name ticks me off.
When the sight, sound,
and smell of you burn my nose.

When I no longer have
the will to smile your way.
When the look in my eyes
is that of a dark, empty forest.

Everyday Pretense

Everyday we put up
the same outrageous pretense.
We want to fight for a chance
to make things better for our souls

but we don’t know how
to accept the change
that accompanies our demands
because we are never really satisfied

with our blessings;
always wanting more
than we can handle;
lacking the simple appreciation
for the things we already have.

Lonely are our souls,
but happy are the moments
we wish we could fly
and shed our empty spirits.

Grateful are the instances
when life goes our way
and we no longer seek opportunities
to complain about the ups and downs.

Bitter sweet are the days when we cry
and hug our loneliness,
for today we are comforted
knowing that if tomorrow comes,

what happened today
may be the salt of our tears
as long as things goes our merry way.