Beautiful Anthem

From one beauty to the next:

Feel the love within
the next time “you” look in the mirror.

You don’t need to make any changes
to yourself to be more of who you are
because you already are a beautiful human being
made perfectly in every way, shape, and form.

Proudly carry the torch of your beauty
wherever you go.
Love your beautiful self
no matter which part of your body
you have insecurities about.

Beautiful Me

I am beautiful,
I cannot lie.
Even when I don’t feel
like dressing up like
a beauty queen.

I am beautiful,
no one can tell me anything less
even when my hair looks a dang mess.

And, even if people
stare at me or turn their nose in disgust,
it won’t matter
in how I feel about myself.

I am beautiful.
Yes, I am beautiful.
Inside and outside
of all the turmoil dwarfing
my real-time progress.

Beautiful in Every Way

We’ve all been there before…
struggling with our self images,
not liking or loving the person
staring back at us in the mirror,
wishing we could change
just a pimple or a lot of our exterior.

Our thoughts can ruin our self esteems,
painting a picture of what beauty is.
It is not just the models on our tv screens
or the people in the magazines
that makes us all self-conscious of who we are.
They are just the icing on the cake
of our self destruction.

It is our thoughts
that are destroying our self worth.
Too often, we look
to make-up, plastic surgery, and everything
we can find comfort in
to make us feel better about ourselves.

Beauty RADIATES from within.

We can cover up as much
of our natural beauty as we want,
hiding in the dark,
afraid to step into the light like vampires
but the truth is:

We don’t need anyone to tell us
that we are beautiful
because we are
beautiful -inside and out-
no matter who we are
or the colors of our skin.

My Stupid Tantrums


Yea, I get that way…
The things I say and do

Is sometimes reeked with stupidity
But what can I say?

I do have my “blank stare” days,
My “forgetful” days

When all I need
Is a smack in the right direction.

Yea, just moments of “pure honesty”
Right out of the mouth of a babe like me.