The Usual Worries

Worries will keep you up at night
and leave you with a migraine in the morning.
Nothing solved.
Just a bigger mess than before.

Worries will drag you down
countless mountains of slippery slopes,
keep you on your tip toes;
expect the usual mess,
carelessly tossing you around like a rag doll,
have you flipping out
with your trail of constant moods swings,
there’s not a moment of peace with this thing.

All it does is take, take, take
until you are in your grave.

Your Story

Heart bled.
Mind froze.
Sadness loomed.
Burdens chewed.
Darkness descended.
This was your story yesterday.

Happiness refreshed.
Clouds removed.
Storms seized.
Light flourished.
Health regained.
This is your story today.