You Were My Fairy Tale

Once upon a time you were my fairy tale.
First came love then out popped a baby.
There should have been a marriage
but we turned on each other and lost “a good thing”
because of our bossy tirades.

When the nightmare began,
I chose not to walk away
from the drama that unfolded
right before my I’m so in love with you eyes.

I should have listened to the voices of my heart
when it said that things were bad right from the start;
I should have gotten out when the time presented itself
for me to make my great escape.

Maybe I would’ve been happier now
instead of wondering when life will spare me
an ounce of happiness.

I’ve stopped dreaming of spending
my days and time with you.

In fact, I don’t even remember
all the reasons why I loved you
as much as I thought I did
…and to think that one day
I was looking forward
to being your sweeter, wiser half.

38 thoughts on “You Were My Fairy Tale

  1. How are you?

    Please keep in mind to:

    #1: return favor to poets who visited you
    #2: complete 18 comments to your peers…or fresh poets to explore..

    Thanks for the lovely contribution, it is fun when everyone gets the job done…
    Happy Tuesday!



    1. I’m fine and thanks for checking up on me. How about yourself? I am getting there. It’s taking me a while to get used to wordpress but I’ll be done soon with completing my 18 comments.


  2. waw he must have done something to allow you to forget the reasons you loved him to begin with. The saddest truth is that our instincts always know from the very start and yet we have this tendency never to listen to it, and once what we always felt becomes our reality that is when we turn back and say “I always knew”.
    I hope you do find a way out if your still in it and that you will get an abundance of blessings for taking a step forward into a better life 🙂
    Very well written, and i could feel it in my heart 🙂


  3. Hello there,
    Just leaving a comment to let you know I selected you as one of my 15 nominees for the Inspirational Blogger Award. If you are interested the rules are easy.
    1. Link back to your Nominator
    2. Share 7 things about yourself
    3. Display the Award Badge on your page
    4. Pass it on by nominating 15 blogs you find inspiring!


  4. ok, dear one, this has evoked that most peculiar writer’s jealousy, delicate & wistful as it is: I WISH I HAD WRITTEN THESE WORDS. you took them out of my head, you mind reader. *love* plus, we are both named kim. are you actually me, in an alternate universe??


    1. Lol, i hear ya. I am me and you are you. Write an alternative version, from another perspective. A shorter version. Or, write what you were about to write, I’m sure you can tell the same story in a different light.


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