A Suicide Fact

It’s more common than what gets publicized,
more common now than ever before.
More and more people (young and old)
think it’s the way to go.

Suicide is a taboo subject.
No one wants to talk about it
but at this very instant…
your brother, sister, aunt, uncle,
cousin, friend, best friend,
boyfriend, girlfriend, son or daughter
even father, mother,
grandfather or grandmother…
the people you’d least expect
to even give this grave idea a thought
could be contemplating suicide
or experiencing a past attempt.

The fact is that
It may never hit home for you
but every couple of minutes
someone makes an attempt to end his or her own life
by hanging, overdosing, firing a single gunshot to the head, etc
…somewhere around the world
…someone will die by his or her
own trembling hands.

6 thoughts on “A Suicide Fact

  1. Don’t know if anyone remembers the song, “Suicide Is Painless”, but its real title is “Suicide Is Painless In San Francisco.” It was the theme song of the MASH TV series, and was popular in the 60’s Hippie Era. A very sad, sad time. People who didn’t live in the SF Area during that period don’t think of it as sad, but it was.


  2. Thank you for your recent posts on suicide they have been very powerful and especially todays post, the matter of fact way that you have listed all possible relatives is very striking and poignant. We still live in a society that calls people cowardly or stupid when the subject of suicide crops up. When I hear people talk about suicide and hear them say things like it’s the easy way out or a cowards way I get really annoyed. I know of 4 people who have took their own lives including my Dad and I know it’s not a cowards way out. Doesn’t everybody think about suicide at some point, I’m not sure but if it were true then, it’s a good starting point to realise that we all have something in common. http://www.poodwaddle.com/free/ This is a link to a world statistics clock and as of 9.30am there have been 305 suicides. Thanks once again for raising awareness.


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