Flow like a Waterfall

She hates that time of the month
when her blood flows like a waterfall.
It makes her feel like glass,
afraid of breaking and accidentally letting her juice spill.
nauseating, backstabbing back aches
head-splitting headaches, and baggy stomach
pain cleanses her system
while it punches her numb.

Skating on the Edge of Doom

I have twirled and skated
on the edge of doom before
like it was my last hope of hopes

I have been depressed
and suicidal to the point where
ending my life was all I thought about
day-in and day-out.

Believe me, it is tough
but there is always a brighter day ahead.
Rough it out and pull yourself
back together.

It takes strong determination on your part
to fight for something you really
don’t want to be apart of anymore
…I know, but try.

You will overcome!

Living on the edge is not a remedy
or form of therapy
I would recommend to anyone.

Sure it may bring you back
better and stronger than ever before
or it may actually take you over the edge
for good.