Bloated Behinds

Women with bloated behinds are nothing new.
In fact, in the golden days,
17th, 18th and early 19th centuries?
women padded their behinds
for that bulging eye effect.

This obsession with silicone butts
is no laughing matter.
It is a serious business
for a self-esteem boost.

So when you see these chicks,
don’t feel any ill way,
they are just bringing back
big ‘ole butts in style
to compete with each other
for that wow factor.


7 thoughts on “Bloated Behinds

  1. Natural curves? Sure…but silicone-padded fakery? Be it bust or boobs, it’s a big noooo. It’s very unaesthetic and guys wouldn’t even want to look at such a thing let alone touch it.

    Well written poem…and funny. Kudos!


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