My Prayer Confession

I often pray for many things,
materialism sometimes tops the list
of my premeditated prayers.

Many times I forget to open my heart,
or better yet, pray from it.

Praying sometimes seemed like a chore
that I hurried to get done,
after I have exhausted myself with worries and stress,
only to feel emptier and more deserted
after my attempt at laying all my burdens down
at God’s feet.

24 thoughts on “My Prayer Confession

  1. Hi, How are you doing?

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    Always, we treasure your support and would be more than happy to see you share…

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    Week 23 Theme: Our Home, Temple and Sanctum



  2. Well done. I certainly appreciate the prayer dilemma you describe. The thing I try to remember when I slip into this in my prayers is that God knows our hearts and that they don’t always work with our brains.
    Thanks for following my blog BTW, I will be back to read more of your work.


  3. beautifully written…I often pray for protection,inner peace,better wisdom although the material things that the heart desires tend to hinder the connection I must be having with God.I believe that prayer should be a personal thing and it needs to be done daily yet sometimes our busy schedule makes us forget to gives thank to the Almighty.


  4. Yes, sometimes prayers can be like a chore. But our good Lord knows our heart. He knows when we are down and stressed and he knows when we feel like would rather hop straight into bed. He waits patiently while he re- strengthen us for the next round of power-packed prayer. 🙂


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