Paralyzed by Fear

I am sadly paralyzed by my own fears.
Been wearing them like my favorite jacket.
Blinded in so many ways.
Missing more opportunities than I can count.
Feels like I’m trapped in a dungeon.
Afraid to find a way out.

15 thoughts on “Paralyzed by Fear

  1. It’s so hard to retire that jacket sometimes, and send it to the thrift store. For me, it feels like I have to take it apart one stitch at a time, until it’s of no use to anybody. It gets really hot sometimes, and I hope you’re surrounded by enough warmth to prompt you to take it off.


  2. you must be brave, it isn’t easy. for years i thought i was the biggest wimp in the universe; now i know i am one of the toughest & bravest people i’ve ever known. it took having my head sawn open & operated on for 3 hours for me to finally get this message loud & clear. have faith in YOURSELF. god/the universe/your own self WILL PROVIDE


  3. Paralyzed by my own fears,
    And yet my fears are merely cries,
    They are not dependent on my emotions,
    As they appear without provoking.

    My fears are inner dreams that won’t come true,
    Until my life has bled its tears,
    The provocation of my fears,
    Will only paralyze my dreams.

    Thanks for your inspiration…. Delmira


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