Happiness Rebound

For many, many years
I lived an unhappy and miserable life.
Suffering from the choices I made,
I’ve lived (almost) in deep regret,
I cannot lie (sigh!)

It was not worth it,
sulking around,
sucking out all the juices out of
my happiness and those around me.

I am learning each day to just live
and let my insecurities go.
It hasn’t been easy, definitely a challenge
but with some adjustments,
I am happier now
than I have been in a long time.


Free Yourself

Free yourself
from any and everything that
defiles, derails, degrades, deprives,
disengages, damages,
dismembers or disrespects you.

Let it, him, her or they go
before it’s too late
to recover, regroup and refocus.

Your health, strength and peace of mind
will be at stake
if you don’t remove negativity
from your life.