Misery Needs Comfort

Oh miserable one,
stop yelling your lungs out.
Your ragged voice is collapsing bridges around you;
your scorching words make dry throats thirst for living water.

Stop using your windpipe to shatter fragile lives,
your demeaning ranting and raving
staircase full of pain is not for others to bear.
It’s not fair that your fear of failure brought forth by years of raging wars
still burns uncontrollable wild,
the result of many grieving battles.

Oh miserable one,
stop overdosing on your jumbled words.
They are twisting and churning already upset stomachs
with your fistful of lying tongue-tied excuses for your bad behavior.

Stop cursing your angry burdens
by keeping your misery comfortable.
Be not thou ashamed that you are terrifyingly mad at your unrealistic life choices
blindly cursing your frustrations at yourself,
thinking you’re saving everyone else from themselves,
when you are just crying out for emergency help.

Oh miserable one,
retreat now, shed your dirty laundry, wash your mouth in detergent
and rinse your tongue in bleach, oh miserable creature of guilt
before you exhaust yourself andĀ collapse
from your next spilled beans.