Poetry is an Art from the Heart

Poetry is an art.
A masterpiece from the heart.

Let your words shine through.
Let it reflect you
and no one else’s opinion.

So what if you don’t get
any comments or likes on your post!
Keep posting.
keep writing.
Keep expressing your thoughts.
…they are your words
And as long as you are satisfied,
move on to the next.

Your poetry should move you first
before it moves anyone else.

Keep writing.
Keep posting.
Keep expressing yourself
the way it flows from your heart.

Your poetry is your art.

80 thoughts on “Poetry is an Art from the Heart

  1. This so absolutely true. Too often good voices go unheard, but art is about us expressing our emotions and feelings. We write because we must and just hope that others can relate somehow.


    1. Agreed. That’s how you lose touch with what’s true to you when you care more about what others think, of course you want others to relate but keep your words true. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. You are definitely speaking to me.
    Our sentences are trite and predictable. A mere pattern of the language.

    But poetry …. only you know the mix and yes it does come from the heart. But I notice a bit of a gut feeling too. 🙂


    1. Poetry is a passion, an inspiration, an expression of life, love, truth, honesty….whichever fits you…

      Appreciate the love my friend


  3. I usually don’t like poems about poems, but I really enjoyed this poem. Especially the last line, “Your poetry is your art.” It reminded of the book, The life of Poetry by Rukeyser…


    1. So true. Keep it real, let it flow from the heart. At least that’s the way I see it and write. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. There’s wisdom here, Kim. I’m coming to realize that it is in the very act of putting words into the poem that I will find meaning. So many comments can just be empty, perhaps the courtesy of a return visit. I believe it’s important to always try to say something “real.”


    1. Yes, I concur.

      You don’t have to pour out your heart but you should write with your heart. Keep it real. Thanks for your visit.


  5. this has me feeling a bit conflicted. I write for myself, yes that’s true. However, not everything I write is for others. Example, my journal. I really don’t want to bore anyone with that, so I will not publish that. maybe some would find it worthwhile; after all there does seem to be a large audience for it, but personally, I don’t get that stuff and avoid reading it.

    However, when I write a poem, it is also meant to be shared and read by others. I want it to come alive in someone else’s mind and to do that, it must be engaging, captivating, evocative. I want it to be impressive (this doesn’t necessarily mean liked). If you feel compelled to write, then you should, but not in a beating a dead horse kind of way. Personally, I want to evolve.

    I am not really sure what role “the message” ought to play. If the message is the most important part, then wouldn’t an essay be a more appropriate format? And if so, then what role should poetry play in the world of the written word?


    1. I understand what you mean. Hard to explain though. Keep writing and doing you though. I appreciate your comment and really thinking about what you a said. Thanks for visiting. Take care.


  6. Awesome write! I agree that a poem, first and foremost, should be about the writer’s personal thoughts/feelings and if others can connect to it then it is just an added bonus 🙂 x


  7. Thanks for the follow =) I really like this poem…it’s very encouraging for me. Today, i wrote one of my first poems in a while and I was quite nervous about how it’d go down and how it’d stack up to my previous poems…but I find your words reassuring and they remind me why I started writing poetry in the first place. Very good poem and I hope you continue =)


  8. I love this – it expresses the essence of the ‘urge to create’ that we have – I am grateful and happy when people read and appreciate what I write…..but the absence of that doesn’t stop me! 🙂 Thank you


  9. I feel that way about my blog posts. I write because I enjoy it. I write because it’s something I felt I needed to share or say. If others like it, great. If not, that’s okay, too. I liked your poem.


  10. Yes, definitely, WRITE ON! I still fear my writing—I still am afraid I will offend…but I am becoming more free with each posting. I only realize much more deeply after having this blog, the courage people have who write books—I understand it like never before! Great post—we need this reminder every once in awhile!


    1. I recently had that fear too, of what I was about to post when I wrote “the suicide series” because it’s a fragile taboo topic. But I had to get the courage I had before to complete what I started. Thanks for your insight and yes, keep on writing.


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