Poetry is an Art from the Heart

Poetry is an art.
A masterpiece from the heart.

Let your words shine through.
Let it reflect you
and no one else’s opinion.

So what if you don’t get
any comments or likes on your post!
Keep posting.
keep writing.
Keep expressing your thoughts.
…they are your words
And as long as you are satisfied,
move on to the next.

Your poetry should move you first
before it moves anyone else.

Keep writing.
Keep posting.
Keep expressing yourself
the way it flows from your heart.

Your poetry is your art.

Burdens Chew

I’ve been thinking about it for a while,
toggling with the idea of this mentality.

I’ve wondered and wondered most times
unaware of the slightest clues
right before my very eyes;
I’ve failed to see.

Burdens chew
through to an early grave
of what is and what is not;
real or unreal—

a bunch of misconceptions
taken lightly and not properly diagnosed,
complete with worries caught
like the cold that stays put long after
all the symptoms were treated
and have long ago disappeared.