Sick of Love Songs

I don’t want to listen
to the same love songs
or dance to the same beat
as I did before for all the men I’ve loved.

This next song will not
be blasted on repeat.

In fact, I’m sick of love songs.
I know what I feel
and don’t need a theme song
to express or confirm
the way I feel.

4 thoughts on “Sick of Love Songs

  1. honest and heartfelt, very nice, Kim. I find the best poetry comes direct from the heart. If you are truly disatisfied with love songs, maybe try and pen one of your own, I am certain (if it is written the way you write your poems) it will be excellent. Chin up, kind regards, Baldy 🙂


    1. Thank you and I couldn’t agree with you more, the best ones come from the heart…they flow better and usually full of such honesty. Appreciate you stopping by.


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