Materialism Girl

Young girl, 15 going on 16…
possessed with what she can get from this world;
she idolizes materialistic things,
she has become a materialistic human being.

Money, cars, clothes and jewelry
uplifts her young spirit
and makes her feel like the million dollars
she’s sure to inherit
from her adoring daddy.
She is simply mesmerized
by the life she is given.

Young girl, 15 going on 16…
has glitz and glamour shining brighter than the sun.
She has to let her bling speak volumes
or else she do not feel like she belong
anywhere in this socializing world

where money can buy just about anything,
and she buys it, no expense spared.
Sometimes even her happiness has a price tag
and she takes pride in the fact
that money makes her “world” go ’round.

All her friends say they love her
And they tell her that she is the best
And she doesn’t see anything wrong with that
What’s not to love about her?
She usually asks.

And if someone makes
a not-so-cool comment
about her luxurious living,
all she does is take a look
at all that she possesses,
…Even answering her own question
She knows that
she’s the queen of her universe.

Some people tell her,
her heaven will come
to a tragic end one day;
She likes to classify them
as the enviers, the beggars and the fools
And all that she will say
to them is “bring it on”

Cause she is having the time
of her life now
And that’s all that matters.
She has the world at her fingertips
And she’s going to spend
her daddy’s fortune
without breaking a polished nail.