I Wish

I wish I could reach the top of the world,
then perhaps I’d get recognized
up there for my priceless gifts.

I wish my decisions were always the right ones
from the beginning, error-free; I’ve accepted
average as my best self. I’m always caught up
in someone else’s spotlight, ruled by fear,
addicted to other people’s approval; steadily
feeling sorry for myself like nothing I do will ever
be enough; I forget to work on my dreams
and ignite my unique potentials.

I wish I didn’t want the world,
then perhaps I would be happy.

I wish I had lived my life God’s way
right from the start as a child, I ran away
from Him my first opportunity as an adult
finally, I got to do things my way, but I only
ended up digging deeper holes for myself. I’m
starting over with God as #1 in all areas of my life
(everything else will come later).

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