I Wish

I wish I could reach the top of the world,
then perhaps I’d get recognized
up there for my priceless gifts.

I wish my decisions were always the right ones
from the beginning, error-free; I’ve accepted
average as my best self. I’m always caught up
in someone else’s spotlight, ruled by fear,
addicted to other people’s approval; steadily
feeling sorry for myself like nothing I do will ever
be enough; I forget to work on my dreams
and ignite my unique potentials.

I wish I didn’t want the world,
then perhaps I would be happy.

I wish I had lived my life God’s way
right from the start as a child, I ran away
from Him my first opportunity as an adult
finally, I got to do things my way, but I only
ended up digging deeper holes for myself. I’m
starting over with God as #1 in all areas of my life
(everything else will come later).

Loosen Up

Sometimes, I try to laugh at myself and take
a minor break from my serious demeanor
my children often give me “that look”
that silently tells me to loosen up
they don’t like it when I hiss my teeth
or get angry at the petty stuff, they like to
tackle and tickle my funny bone until I burst
into laughter; they appreciate
the smile behind the pain.

The stress, the fears, the worries
usually melt away for the time being
often they remind me to stop choking
the fun out of the light beaming down
on their innocent little faces.