The Way We Live

We swear on his word
with hands on the Bible as a testimony of truth
but find it so hard to live by it.
It’s so much easier to
…sinning is our way of life.

There are 6 days of sinning
Monday – Saturday
and come Sunday
we dress up
and try to pretend that we are holy;
We are an abomination.

We seek refuge and comfort in God
but as soon as we find just one word
we don’t agree with in the Bible,
our minds get conflicted and we think it was
probably all a lie
and that He may not even exist.
Our faith gets tested

and we often fail miserably.

We continue to complain
about the things we lack,
neglecting to count the blessings we do have.
It’s a shame how we live.
We are only happy when we get what we want
but want to blow up the world
when things don’t go our way.

We preach and preach
but never practice what we preach.
We don’t ever really want to admit to ourselves
that we are after all,
a bunch of ungrateful, hypocritical freaks
who are never really, truly happy
with ourselves.


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