Only Human

Every day we scatter to live
a somewhat “happy and normal” life
dreaming of the American Dream.

Everyone is fighting for a clearer path
aiming for the same happy ending, but we
don’t know how to accept change
we’re never really “happy” or “satisfied”
with anything; nothing is good enough for
our exquisite taste and state-of-the-art living.

Lonely rests our souls, but happy are the moments
we wish we could fly and shed our negative spirits.
Grateful is the days when life goes our way,
and we no longer seek opportunities
to complain about the everyday difficulties.

Bittersweet comes the nights we cry ourselves
to sleep and hug our loneliness, for today,
we remember that we are only humans who can
only achieve so much in one day.

We don’t always
remember that to live
we don’t need to
die in vain.

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