A Made Up Mind

This young woman has experienced enough
sleepless nights, terrorized, played like a fiddle,
strung by the lies of a little boy trapped
in a broken man’s body, riddled with bullets
from unkept promises. For the last time, she
decided to leave him in the dust

This time, she’ll NEVER look back
no matter what happens though she’s
confused about so many things; she’s unsure
of this life-changing decision, but it is a necessary
move that she must make, for her life is on the line.

This young woman reflects, thinking about
the past, about how she turned a blind eye
to everything and everyone who mattered.
For him, but he doesn’t see past his insecurities!
The entire relationship has revolved around him.

Time is running out; she must act now
and make her grand escape from the thirsty hands
of the man whose threats she should not
take lightly she must go now, her chances are at
the highest peak of survival she cannot afford
to stay for him to kill her
and chop her up into pieces.

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