No Spark

Lately, I have wondered
what or who you are to me
and I don’t know the answer.

That spark, that fire
once burning deep inside for you,
that candle that burned brighter
than the surface of the sun
is now so dimly lit
I can barely see your face.

A stranger’s face.
Hard to paint a picture of you.

Copyright © 2013 Kimalee Jones

Published by

poetry on a roll

She loves to write free-verse poetry, though her writing is so personal, it seems more like a diary. Anyway, writing is one of the best ways for her to clear her mind and express herself since she's not very good at expressing herself verbally. Poetry is her solace; her refuge; her voice when she really does not feel like speaking (at all). That basically sums up her bubbly, silent yet undercover outspoken personality.

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